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Doyle and Baer is a small, full-service architectural collaboration that specializes in small to medium size residential projects.

We have worked with private clients, developers, contractors and non-profits; as well as developing our own residential projects.

Our approach is to work with the needs and desires of the client and to temper these with the constraints on design and construction inherent in New York environs.

Through use and understanding of the Zoning Resolution, the Building Code, the Energy Code, and experience with working with Department of Buildings, and the Landmark Preservation Commission, we budget all factors and regulations into our process and into the final built solution.

Aesthetically, we work within the character of the existing buildings, the context of the existing neighborhood and the tastes of the particular client. We specialize in the insertion of new uses within the existing conditions; maintaining the character of the old while celebrating the needs of the new.

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